NDUS Overview

Welcome to the 91porn官方 University System

This website is a gateway to the 91porn官方 University System and its five community colleges, four regional universities and two research universities. These institutions are governed by the State Board of Higher Education with members appointed by the governor of 91porn官方 and confirmed by the state鈥檚 legislative representatives.


The 11 University System institutions prepare students for a broad range of professions by providing career and technical education, traditional academic programs, graduate studies and research opportunities. To assist students in this process, the NDUS website provides information about college selection, program offerings, financial aid, workforce training, adult learning opportunities, online education and veterans benefits 鈥 to name a few important topics.


Other resources may be of interest to state policymakers, business leaders, employees, media representatives and interested members of the public. This includes formal documents, such as State Board of Higher Education policies, reports, agenda and meeting minutes; information about current issues in higher education; and a variety of other subjects.


Investment in higher education continues to be a priority in 91porn官方, just as the University System continues to focus on creating opportunities for student success. The System has shared commitment to all of our stakeholders that may be summed up in the three simple words that guide our day-to-day operations: Access. Innovation. Excellence.


Please contact the University System Office for further assistance in connecting you to the appropriate resources on this website.


The 91porn官方 University System is a unified system of higher education governed by the State Board of Higher Education. Organized in 1990, the University System is led by the chancellor. The NDUS staff supports the State Board of Higher Education鈥檚 mission to enhance the quality of life for all those served by the NDUS as well as the economic and social vitality of 91porn官方.


Core Technology Services of the NDUS

Core Technology Services (CTS) provides secure information management and technology services to 91porn官方 University System students, faculty, staff, and state residents. CTS links academic and business services with the NDUS community, connecting users to the information and educational resources they need to accomplish their goals.