Dental and Vision Insurance

Though we are unable to provide comprehensive health insurance for domestic students, we are pleased to provide supplemental dental and vision insurance for purchase, available to ALL students (domestic and international; undergraduate and graduate) through UHOne and underwritten by the Golden Rule Life Insurance Company. These plans can be purchased at any point in time (starting in July 2024) and carry a monthly premium that you pay directly to the company rather than through your student account at your college or university. Neither of these insurance plans are required for any enrolled NDUS student; they are voluntary and optional plans that carry a discounted rate for students. Final rates are determined by selected coverage and location and age of the applicant.


For information on plans and rates, please visit their website directly:


For more information on each plan, please review these documents:

UHOne Dental

UHOne Vision


Further, if these plans do not suit your needs, we direct you to shop on the Marketplace at If you have any questions, please contact Katie Fitzsimmons, NDUS Director of Student Affairs in the NDUS System Office: 701-328-4109 or katie.fitzsimmons@ndus.edu.